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Delivery of 3 new multisystem Siemens Vectron

1 kwietnia 2021

We celebrate each new client and each new locomotive delivery. We have two reasons to celebrate today: delivery of 3 new multisystem Siemens Vectron locomotives and hand-over of these locomotives to a new client Bahnoperator, a leading independent rail operator in intermodal transport between China and Europe.

„With the delivery of the three Vectron Siemens locomotives we started a new tradition of naming locomotives after our employees. Kudos to Sergiusz Szulgan, Wojtek Gruszka and Rafał Hejmo, who contributed greatly to the sucess of this project, and whose first names appear in the front of each newly delivered locomotive.” – says Lukasz Boron

The locomotives were purchased with EU funds through the Center for EU Transport Projects (CUPT) to support the development of intermodal transport.

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